PNEUMO4 - Distort, crush and filter !

PNEUMO4 is a fun way to add uniqueness to your loops or any audiomaterial by passing it to three filter layers/sequencers with variable cutoff and resonance and by putting a drive-unit and a pitchshifter on top!


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With PNEUMO4 everything from subtile changes to radical sounddesctruction is possible. Use it to breath life into old loops or to mangle a vocal sequence with distortion and pitchshifting. All with no latency and fully automatable.

PNEUMO4´s four sequencers are synced to your host perfectly and allow easy changes to the sequence itself via simply drawing a curve into it.

And as if this wasn´t enough, PNEUMO4 also features an built-in so called "lofi" / signal degrading unit to even further "crunch" the audio.
On top of that are two onboard effects which are a delay and a flanger which can also produce chorus-like effects.

PNEUMO4 is very low on CPU. Even older DAW´s will run multiple instances just fine. Be sure to check out the Demoversion!

We are sure you will find use for PNEUMO4 - no matter what kind of music you produce.




download demo

Minimum System Requirements

  • Single/Dual-Core CPU with at least 1GHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Windows XP/Vista 32-Bit
  • VST 2.0 compliant host







        PNEUMO4 Feature List:          
  • 4 layers/sequencers.
  • Two high-resonance bandpass filter units.
  • One state-variable filter.
  • Built-in latencyfree pitchshifter.
  • 3 times Variable distortion.
  • Lofi/degrading unit.
  • Delay and Flanger effects.
  • Full MIDI learn.
  • Variable sequence gliding / rates.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low on CPU.
  • 32 presets included to get you started.
  • MIDI learn functionality for almost all controls.
  • Photorealistic GUI.
  • Support for all external H/W MIDI controllers that windows supports.
  • VST 2.0 operation.
  • Current Version: 1.0.

Before placing an order, make sure that PENUMO4 Demo works well on your System and that your Setup meets the minimum System requirements!

Ordering PNEUMO4 includes Lifetime free updates/upgrades and bugfixes as well as email support in case you have problems.
If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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